About Us

We make convenient, plant-based products in a range of convenient sizes that are effective against today’s common viruses, germs and bacteria.

  • Our products kill 99.9% of viruses, germs and bacteria including human coronavirus (in its current form), flu, common cold, H1N1, rotavirus, chicken pox, rubella, Hep B&C, foot and mouth, HIV and herpes simplex

  • Our proprietary plant based cleaning agent also safely cleans all surfaces (most sanitisers only kill germs and leave them on the surface) 

  • Our ingredients are natural, plant based and contain no petro-chemicals and are therefore safe around children and pets.

  • Available in 250ml SurfaceSafe, 50ml TravelSafe or PocketSafe spray sizes. For commercial/trade enquiries please contact info@thesaferange.com